Is your Bathroom somewhere you like to be? No? Make it Gorgeous! Part 2 of 3 – Floating Shelves over the Toilet.

Is your Bathroom somewhere you like to be? No? Make it Gorgeous!

Part 2 –  Toilet Cove


Now that my bathroom counter and vanity are gorgeous, I had to to something about the rest of the bathroom…

As you can see, it was very bland… and again there was no storage. I have an aunt who comes to visit about once a month, and I need some place to put my accommodations for her (tampons, panty liners, etc).

At first I was using another one of those Rubbermaid storage boxes like I was using for my “Getting Ready Box”, but it just sat on top of the toilet, not looking bad, just, not good…


Solutions? What could I do to make this space prettier, and more usable?

Then the idea hit me, shelves!

But not just any shelves, floating shelves!!

I used this blog as a guide, but I did a few things differently…


Here were my plans, crude I know, but you have to start somewhere.


I needed my shelves to be

  1. Evenly spaced
  2. Deep
  3. Chunky, but not too chunky
  4. Accommodate the water shut off panel
  5. Toilet Paper at the top

Here I am trying to figure out how far down they should go and the masking tape shows where I want the shelves.

IMG_6921  IMG_6919  IMG_6923



To makes this happen I needed the following:

3 – 1×3 furring strips  ($1.74 each at Lowe’s) (Supports)

1 – 12in x 10 ft x 1 in board ($27.32 at Lowe’s) (Top of Shelf)

2 – 2×2 sheet of 1/4″ hardwood plywood material ($5.44 each at Lowe’s) (Bottom of Shelf)

1 – 10 foot 1×4 (I already had) (Front of Shelf)

32+ –  2 in drywall screws (plus anchors if needed)

Brad nailer 

Wood Glue




Ok, so first you have to make these E’s. 

We measured the space we needed to fill, minus the front board and made E shaped supports for the shelves. We made Mitre Joints for the outside pieces, but you don’t have to, Butt joints would work just fine..

Glue all contact points together, and let dry.

Then drill pilot holes and screw together. Like this:

E Shelf      Joints


Then find out where the studs are in your wall, and measure and drill pilot holes in the E’s where they will attach to the wall.

(Sorry, I don’t have a picture of that)


Before attaching the E’s to wall, I needed to stain the boards that were going to show. I wanted the boards to match that picture frame I bought at T.J. Maxx in Part 1 of this bathroom project.

I used Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Kona and Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Driftwood, and layered the stains to create this effect. Using this guy’s tutorial:


And mine:

IMG_7022  IMG_7016

Not bad, if I do say so myself. And it was my first time ever staining anything!


Next, is to actually install the shelves!

We had to partially build them in order to get them in correctly, to do that we just brad nailed the 12in boards to the top of the E’s… we couldn’t exactly get the brad nailer into that tiny space up top where the toilet paper was going to go. 

Then, we decided it was just easier to partially build ALL of them first.


After the shelf (with top) was screwed to the wall, I brad nailed the 1/4in plywood to the bottom.

Here is a picture of the second shelf going in… and the top one already has it’s bottom on.


The third shelf was different because of the water shut off access hole… on this one we had to put the bottom on first and then the top.

IMG_7038  IMG_7040

Finally the bottom shelf:


Then I brad nailed the front pieces on and POOF, I was done!

IMG_7043  IMG_7045  IMG_7044  IMG_7048

Now for decor!

Thanks to T.J. Maxx I got all my decor for a steal!


Beautiful! Gorgeous! My husband said it looked like he walked into a magazine!


So far we have… I’M IN LOVE!


And on to Part 3, my final segment.

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