Easily Run a Water Line for your Refrigerator

At this point you should know that I have an older house

So when it came down to getting the refrigerator I wanted (this beauty, though through sales & price matching I got for about $1000 less) we knew that we would have to run a water line for the ice maker and water dispenser.

I  researched online several tutorials about how to do this, and found that there were “waterline kits,” like in this video. However, there were no stores nearby that sold said kits. So I took pictures of the dishwasher waterline and headed to Lowes.

The right one needed to look like the left…

IMG_4564 2  FullSizeRender  IMG_4565 2

Instead of the complicated mess (best seen in the middle picture), we got a simple piece to go in the middle, between the nozzle and tube.

Found Here.


Along with a 1/4 in Compression fitting and 1/4 inch Polyethylene Tubing.

FullSizeRender 5

We drilled holes in the cabinets, using 1/4 inch drill bit, in to the back corners of each cabinet to route the tubing to the refrigerator.

Then we covered the  end of the tube with duct tape to prevent any dirt or wood shavings from getting in to the line.


And then we went fishing!

Here is what the tube going through your cabinets should look like. (Remember my old, dingy cabinets?!)

IMG_8718  IMG_8719  IMG_8721

Finally, you secure the compression fitting from the back of the refrigerator.

IMG_8731  IMG_8732


IMPORTANT: Turn the water on and check for leaks, if no leaks then you’re set!




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