Do you have an Old Kitchen? Here’s a Quick Fix!

Ok, so my house is older, it was built-in the 70’s and some times that fact rears its ugly face…
My kitchen cabinets are one of those times.

My cabinets are oldand dingyand old.


I thought for a while about painting them. There are tons people out there that have painted their cabinets with differing results. But when I realized how easy the white laminate was to wipe clean I decided not to.

So I had two steps to this update.

First of all these ugly things had to go.

I wanted something sleek and modern.

I found these at Lowe’s, but hmmm… $4 per pull when I needed 31 pulls… $124… I didn’t want to spend that much.

Luckily, I searched on Amazon and found some identical ones for MUCH cheaper!

25 Pack for $57.50 and another 10 Pack for $26.
Savings of $40+ Score! 

Plus I have a few left over for other stuff (like the in-wall cabinet I’ve been dying to build…) 

All you need to make this switch is a Phillips Head screw driver.
And bam, you’re done.


Secondly, I had to remove the ugly marble contact paper that lined Every. Single. Freaking. Shelf.

The contact paper was already peeling up at the edges, so pulling it up was easy at first, but it kept ripping into pieces… Ugh.

I used a razor blade to get up the parts I couldn’t get with my nail.

After all the contact paper was off there was sticky residue left on the cabinets. Double Ugh.

Aldo, the cabinets were dirty so I had to brush them out, but if I didn’t do it right the dirt would just adhere to the stickiness. So I wiped out all the corners with Clorox Wipes, very carefully.

Then I let them dry.

Lowe’s had some really cute contact paper that I had to have. I got three rolls. And it was more than enough to cover all my cabinet shelves.

Here is the link to the specific contact paper I bought.

I measured all the cabinets and added a 1/4 of an inch. Then used my Cutting Mat, Quilting Ruler and Rotary Cutter, usually used for fabric, it worked perfectly for the precise cuts I needed to fit the contact paper into the cabinets without any gaps.  You can get all three Fiskars’s brand for $27.49 on Amazon Here.
I pulled off the backing and applied the paper as close the corners as possible and used a razor blade to cut into the corners so there was no over hang going on the wall of the cabinet.

And done!

I LOVE the end result, don’t you?


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