Closing day! Time to Change the Locks.

Finally, all the ducks were in a row (quack, quack), the owners fixed everything that was an issue with the house and it was closing day.
After signing our names a billion times the house was officially ours! We were so ecstatic, we rushed over and sat on the kitchen counter just letting our transaction set in. Ours. Our own. No more landlords!

And our first project started that very day! We changed the locks.

Now changing the locks was not cheap. Especially considering how many we had to buy. The house had four doors to the outside and a storage building. So five doors. But the front door was different from all the rest. And we had the locks keyed to all be the same key (Lowes will do it for an extra few bucks per lock). So after like $350 we had news locks.

You make ask why we fronted such a cost the first day owning the house and well, we did it for several reasons:

  1. Security – Who knows who had a key to the house. The neighbors, their kids, the dog walker… Anybody could have a key to our house.
  2. Aesthetics – The knobs were an antique brushed brass color. Not my favorite.
  3. Function – The old knobs were Schlage brand, those are the kind of knobs that the inside knobs turn even if the outside is locked. Having had those kinds of locks before, I locked myself out of the house before. And I didn’t want the kids to be able to open the doors so easily. Kwikset locks make the handle lock on both sides. So bam!


Changing locks are easy. So if you want/need new locks for similar reasons. It’s an easy, but expensive fix. Still, totally worth it.

HERE is a Wikihow link on how to change locks if you’ve never done it before.


What the old locks looked like, blah…

And the new locks!



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